Learn to play the Ukulele this summer!

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Welcome to my summer class series! I'm excited to be offering private and group lessons to all my friends and families in the New York City area! Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument but never really had the time? Well now's your chance! The ukulele is versatile, fun to play and very affordable. It's also the quickest and easiest way to learn how to play any of your favorite pop songs!

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below - if you're still not convinced or have any other concerns feel free to contact me! I guarantee you'll love the simplicity and musicality the ukulele has to offer! Hope to see you soon! 

Steve Karos


(718) 825-4576 

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Ukulele FAQs 


What are your rates

I charge a minimum of $70 for a 45 minute lesson. ($10 off your first lesson = $60)

Do you teach outside of New York City? 

Yes! I teach classes in Brooklyn, Queens parts of Long Island and the Bronx.

Can I get a shorter or longer  lesson? 

Lessons can be extended to an hour for an additional $25. They can also be shorter then 45 min, but the minimum rate of $70 Per lesson still applies. 

Do you provide group lessons? 

Yes, the best way to learn is with friends! 

Below are the additional rates for multiple students: 

2 people - $100 

3 people - $150 

4 people - $200 

(More than 4 people please contact me) 

Do you teach guitar instead? 

Sure, I’ve been teaching both the guitar and ukulele for many years. I can teach you either one, or both if you’d like. 

What are your rates for guitar lessons? 

Same as the ukulele. 

Do I need any experience? 

No, the beauty of the ukulele is that the learning curve both mentally and physically is very low. 

Do I need to read music? 

No, I work predominantly with easy to read chord charts. 

How old do you need to be for a lesson? My son/daughter is only ___ years old? 

Ideally a good age is no younger than 5 years old, but exceptions can be made depending on the emotional readiness of the child. 

I tried playing guitar but quit because it was too hard, is the ukulele like the guitar? 


I would like to learn but am I too old for the ukulele? Wouldn’t a guitar be better? 

The ukulele and the guitar are very much alike, they are both string instruments you play by strumming chords with your hands or a pick. 

In that aspect the process is very similar and the patterns for making the chords are also very similar. However due to the physicality needed to play the guitar, it is much easier and faster to learn the same song on a ukulele than a guitar. The question really boils down to: 

“how much time do I want to spend learning to play the songs I enjoy?” 

If you have a lot of free time, and you really want to learn the guitar, and are willing to practice regularly, then you should learn the guitar. If you don’t have a lot of time, and  just want to play and sing your favorite songs as quickly as possible, I would say learn the ukulele. Everyone is different, and we’re all in different places in our lives. The choice is ultimately up to you, and I’m happy to teach you either instrument. 

What do I need? 

A place to learn, and a positive mindset! 

Seriously, that’s all you need! I can provide everything else! 

Can you provide a ukulele for my first lesson? 

Sure, for a fee of $10 I can provide an additional instrument for use during the lesson. 

What kind of ukulele should I buy? 

The 4 most popular sizes, in size order are: 

Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone. 

For children I would suggest the soprano or 

Concert ... for adults concert or tenor. 

I have owned and played each of these sizes and my personal favorite is the concert size models. 

How much should I spend on a ukulele? What brand do You recommend? 

In life we usually get what we pay for. In the world of ukuleles you can get a really good playable instrument for around $50. I do not endorse any particular brand, but companies like Lanikai Mahalo and Kala/Makala  have a reputation for making decent instruments. I have played each of these brands and have found them to be pretty reliable, and cost effective especially for beginners. 

What songs can you teach me? 

See the list below for a small sample. I guarantee there will be plenty of songs on that list you will be excited to learn! If not I’ll be happy to teach you anything else you have in mind!



These are just a few of the songs me and my students have been working on:

Beatles - Here Comes the Sun, Yellow Submarine, Imagine, Twist & Shout, Obla Di Obla Da - Imagine Dragons - Thunder, Believer, Radioactive - Shawn Mendes - In My Blood, Treat You Better, Stitches - Ed Sheeran - Perfect, Castle on the Hill - Bob Dylan - Blowing in the Wind, Knocking on Heavens Door, Tambourine Man - The Greatest Showman Soundtrack - A Million Dreams, Never Enough, Tightrope - Hamilton Soundtrack - You'll Be Back - Lady Ga Ga - A Million Reasons - Katie Perry - Roar - John Legend - All of Me -Randy Newman - You've Got a Friend in Me - Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah - Guns and Roses - Sweet Child of Mine - Cold Play - Clocks, Yellow, Something Just Like This, Viva La Vida

Many more !!!